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Winter Wellness

Winter has a bad reputation when it comes to health & wellness. There’s less daylight each day so we spend less time outside, and more time snuggled up on the couch with Netflix and a jar of Nutella. (maybe that’s just me!) The lack of sunshine not only affects how active we are but also has huge effect on our mood too. Most of us over indulge at Christmas time on festive foods, Prosecco and endless amounts of chocolate. Then the New Year starts and we’re hibernate in chunky knitwear, searching online for flights to the sun, and it seems even colder at home without the Christmas tree lights. Okay, so it might not seem like the most inspiring time of the year but as an eternal optimist, here is my guide to feeling great this winter. Resolutions – It’s February, time to revisit those resolutions. Be positive! Instead of making a list of things that you’re going to give up, instead create a list of things that you ARE going to do. Read more, …

Yoga Breakfast with Steffy White & Mind Body Bowl

Earlier this week I went along to an awesome yoga class with my favourite yogi in town, Steffy White. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Steffy’s kick ass classes, it’s a great workout for the whole body and the energy was super uplifting. Steffy challenges you to push yourself and to be brave. I’m working on my wheel! After working up an appetite on the mat, we had a delicious breakfast created by Annie [Mind Body Bowl] Annie’s food was even more tasty than it looks on instagram! I even brought some banana cake home for Jude. Thank you girls for a lovely start to the week.

Yoga for Runners

This weekend I was once again in awe of the all those runners that completed the London marathon. Running is very demanding on the body and most runners will experience aches, pains, blisters and sometimes injuries. It is important to protect your body when running regularly and yoga is a great way to strengthen your body. If you are a runner that has never done yoga before, here are 5 good reasons to give it a go ! 1. Increase your flexibility. Sometimes when I get home from a run, I don’t feel like stretching for 10 minutes, but I know that my hips will be sore the next day if I don’t. Improving the range of movement in your lower body can also help to reduce your risk of injuries. 2. Strengthen your core. Yoga is an awesome way to strengthen your core and improve your balance & co-ordination. Strength is key if you want to increase your speed, so yoga could just help you get a new 5k PB. Plus trying to balance upside down is fun! …

H&M Sportswear – Sweat in Style

It’s great to see so many of our favourite brands creating women’s fitness wear. Often stylish sportswear can be quite pricey but there is also great active wear on the high street too. I love H&M’s sportswear, it’s bright, cool and affordable. I have an increasing wish list of gym bags, trainers and neon crop tops. I especially like H&M’s yoga leggings, they’re good quality, super stretchy & only £14.99. Sports wear & fashion have combined and the treadmill is now a catwalk. Let’s sweat in style! Here are some of my favourite sites for stylish sportswear. Active in Style Hip & Healthy Lululemon Sweaty Betty H&M Gap See you at the gym!  

Reformer Pilates at Akasha Wellness Centre

I recently visited Akasha Wellness Centre to try out their reformer Pilates class. I know this class is hugely popular so I thought I’d join the queue. So, what’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga? Both focus on core strength, posture, alignment and flexibility, but Yoga has a more spiritual focus. Both promise a long, lean, super toned body. I personally enjoy both Pilates and Yoga so I would recommend trying out both to see which suits one you. In this class the exercises are performed on a reformer bed, but don’t be deceived, just because you are lying down it doesn’t mean it’s easy. When done correctly, this class will give you a whole body workout. If you are familiar with Pilates techniques then you will quickly get used to the exercises. You can adjust the resistance on your reformer to increase the intensity of your workout. The class instructor was a lovely woman called Jo, she was hugely motivating and knowledgeable, thank you Jo for a great class. A one off class will …

Yoga Playlist

Here is my Yoga playlist. Inspiring songs, ideal for breaking a sweat! Slacks – St South Electric Feel – MGMT Breathe Me – Sia Intro – Alt J Hazey – Glass Animas Strong – London Grammar Stay High – [Habits Remix] Tove Lo Speeding Cars – Imogen Heap Heaven – LAMB Never Mess with Sunday – Ninja Tune XX Lost & Found – Lianne La Havas Seven – Mr Cooper Paradise – Coldplay Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club Hey Now – London Grammar I Need – Maverick Sabre Porcelain – Moby (2006 Digital Remaster) To The Clouds – Xan Leave and Let Go – Navet (Niva Remix

Today’s Essentials

Today is Day 4 of the #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge. I’ve had a really busy week and although my body is feeling tired today, I am actually looking forward to my 30 minutes of yoga. I returned home at 9.30 this morning after taking my son to pre-school, I stepped through the front door and considered what I should do first. Of course the obvious answer would be to clean my kitchen or tackle that pile of laundry, but I’ve decided to abandon my Mummy duties for 30 mins. I’m plugged into Spotify’s Vinyasa Flow playlist & the first thing on my to-do list today is to ‘Salut the Sun’. This yoga thing is really addictive. I’m not sure that I’m even doing all of the poses right, but hey, at least I’m committed. #Day 4 – A for effort!

Day 1 #TakeTheLeap

So today is Day 1 of the prAna yoga challenge. I’m feeling super motivated, I hope that I can keep it up for a whole 30 days. Today I worked on my headstand. Apparently we should all be doing headstands everyday. It’s a great way to improve your upper body strength and work your deep core ab muscles too. During this yoga challenge I have 3 goals. To improve my core strength and posture. To increase flexibly in my back. I have quite flexi legs, but my back is as stiff as wood! To be brave. It’s easy to stick to the poses that feel good. I am going to push myself this month to try the poses that I find most tricky. I’d love to be able to master the ‘Dancers Pose’.

Take The Leap Yoga Challenge

On Monday I will be joining the prAna #taketheleap Yoga challenge. The challenge is to do yoga everyday for 30 days. It can be as little as 5 minutes each day, I am going to aim for 30 mins. I usually only do one class a week, so I am going to try to be disciplined, and challenge myself to make the time for some yoga everyday. I will be sharing my antics here on the blog & on instagram #takethechallenge For more info you can join prAna on Facebook Wish me luck !  

Akasha Wellness Yoga & Pilates Centre.

There’s a new yogi hang out for us Hertfordshire mummies, Akasha Wellness Yoga & Pilates Centre, at the Barley Barn, Wickham Hall. As you know I am a huge fan of Yoga, it’s a workout and therapy combined. Last week I went along to check out their classes. They are currently offering an introductory £5 offer for your first class. Check out the class schedule here. The space is a beautiful, modern, barn conversion. Perfect for an hour of Zen after the school run! I went to a 9.30am Akasha Power class. The class was suitable for beginners/intermediate level, it wasn’t an intense calorie burner but I left the class feeling awake, revived and calm. They don’t have an advanced class on their timetable yet, however they do offer one to one sessions. They also offer ‘reformer pilates’. This is a pilates system that focuses on core strength and is performed on these fancy pilates beds. I am desperate to try this class, it looks brilliant! They have a treatment room and are offering a …