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Most Frequently Asked Fitness Questions …

How Often Do You Workout? I train 5 times each week. (This is usually 3 runs and 2 workouts.) My rest days are usually Tuesday and Friday. If I’m training for a race then I will usually drop a workout to focus my energy on my run days, especially if the weekend run is long one. I always include a lot of mobility and stretching too. Life is often very busy, but I prioritise my running and my workouts because I realise how important my health is. I need to move for both my body and mind to feel good. What’s the best way to lose belly fat? Now this is a question that I get asked a lot! I’m sure that people would love for me to say that there is a flat tummy secret or quick and easy solution, but unfortunately that’s not true. When it comes to reducing body fat there are lots of things to consider. Exercise, diet, sleep, stress, genetics, all play a part. It’s important to focus on all …

Winter Workout X Stylist Magazine.

Earlier this year I teamed up with Stylist magazine to share my top tips for winter training. It can be hard to motivate yourself when it’s grey and cold outside, here’s how I’m planning to keep on track. Take Time For You – We all have mega busy lives. Don’t let work, kids, and other commitments stop you from training. Going out for a run or an hour yoga class may be the only hour of the day that you’re doing something for yourself. Make it a priority, you’ll feel happier and more energised when you return. Make Fitness Fit – Make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle, instead of another thing on your to-do lis. For example – Walk, rather than drive the kids to school and if they have scooters, put on your trainers and jog along side them.  That Feeling – One of the best things about HIIT is the feeling that you get afterwards. It really boosts your mood. Winter can make us feel sleepy and lethargic , but HIIT …

Adidas Buddy Workout

This month I have teamed up with Tally Rye and adidas UK to create a series of Buddy Workouts. Together, we are #HereToCreate some fitness fun moves and give your summer workout a boost! It’s so much more fun to workout with a friend, so Tally and I have created four short videos to showcase our favourite moves. As it’s a parter workout, you will need to grab a friend for support, literally! You don’t need to go to the gym for this session, you can do these moves anywhere. Visit the adidaswomenuk Facebook page to see our full video series. Tag a fitness friend that needs some motivation this week. Tally and I had so much fun creating these videos and my whole body was aching the next day! (You can see a behind the scenes video over on Tally’s YouTube channel. . . here) Also, head to instagram and search #HereToCreate for some awesome adidas fitspo!

The Body Bootcamp

This month I have been hosting ‘The Body Bootcamp’ to kick start the New Year and to beat those winter blues. Each morning myself and a bunch of mega Mummies have been jumping, squatting stretching and sweating! The session always starts with high energy cardio exercises to really warm us up, followed by some interval training, core strengthening and lots of stretching. All of my sessions have a big focus on stretching as I think it is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Regular stretching will help to prevent injuries, improve your posture and it can even aid your digestion too. Not to mention how impressed your kids will be, when they see you do the splits! Over the last three weeks I have loved seeing all of the ladies each day. They inspire me with their determination & commitment. It can be difficult to start getting fit, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time. The first session is always the hardest! January is often the time that …

Cinnamon & Cocoa Milkshake

This one is delicious !!! 1/2 a tsp Cinnamon 1/2 a tsp Cocoa Almond Milk 1 Banana One tsp of Almond Butter One tsp of Nutella 2 Ice Cubes I love this smoothie as a sweet treat, it’s the perfect recovery drink after a tough workout. I have been gradually increasing my running milage over the last few weeks as I am training for the February Cambridge half marathon. All these extra miles are being fuelled by my secret weapon . . . Nutella 🙂

The Body Bootcamp

The countdown to my Body Bootcamp has begun! I’m super excited to be hosting a bootcamp through out the whole of January 2016. We will be jumping, squatting, stretching and of course sweating!!! I also have winter wellness goody bags or all of my lovely ladies to help us kick start the New Year. For all the info, location, cost etc please email

Friday’s at Frame

I’m super excited to start teaching at Frame Dance & Fitness Studio in Shoreditch on Friday’s! I will be teaching two classes each week. The first is at 10.30am & is the Frame Mum’s Club . . . ‘A full body workout for mums, involving boxing, toning & a whole lot of abs, all done to music of the good variety. Perfect for new Mums that want to get back into exercising, without having to fork out for a babysitter.’ I think it’s awesome that you can bring your baby along to this class, I would have loved that when Jude was little. My second class is at 12.15pm, Frame’s signature class called ‘Body by Frame’ . . . ‘1 hour of continuous cardio, 1 set of light weights, 1 pumping soundtrack, 1 incredibly motivating instructor to get you through the door . . .  and 1 super hot body to walk out the door!’  I can’t think of a better way to kick start the weekend, than fitness Friday’s at Frame!