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Neat Nutrition Protein Shake

I’ve never used protein powders before but with all my extra training this month, I real need to make sure that I’m getting enough protein each day. I’m leading a bootcamp each morning throughout January as well as training for the Cambridge half marathon. This morning I tried Neat nutrition‘s Berry flavoured Whey powder. I made this pink shake with soya milk and I also added a banana. It was delicious! & the perfect fuel before bootcamp!  

Cinnamon & Cocoa Milkshake

This one is delicious !!! 1/2 a tsp Cinnamon 1/2 a tsp Cocoa Almond Milk 1 Banana One tsp of Almond Butter One tsp of Nutella 2 Ice Cubes I love this smoothie as a sweet treat, it’s the perfect recovery drink after a tough workout. I have been gradually increasing my running milage over the last few weeks as I am training for the February Cambridge half marathon. All these extra miles are being fuelled by my secret weapon . . . Nutella 🙂