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The Body Bootcamp

The countdown to my Body Bootcamp has begun! I’m super excited to be hosting a bootcamp through out the whole of January 2016. We will be jumping, squatting, stretching and of course sweating!!! I also have winter wellness goody bags or all of my lovely ladies to help us kick start the New Year. For all the info, location, cost etc please email ¬†

#My Sports Philosophy

The health & fitness industry has never been so popular! These days it seems like we are all spending more time working out, and spending more cash on fancy leggings and healthy cookbooks. We have calorie counting apps, activity trackers, fitness classes, running clubs, etc. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is now easier than ever. Our increased awareness of health & fitness can of course, have both a positive & a negative effect. Many brands encourage us to question what we are eating & how active we are each day. For example buying food products that are ‘wheat free’ or ‘gluten free’, it is unnecessary to eliminate gluten from your diet if you are not in fact intolerant to gluten. Often the message of ‘health & fitness’ can be very contradictory. Brands will use language and images to shame women into feeling bad about their bodies or to spend money on products, teas, books & clothes that promise to make us feel & look amazing! Many restrictive diets and extreme exercise regimes, are in fact, …