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Could You Give Up Coffee?

Are you addicted to coffee? Many people confess to being addicted to their daily caffeine fix. They drink one or two cups of coffee every single day and to be honest, most people are genuinely shocked when I tell them that I don’t drink coffee.

Winter Workout X Stylist Magazine.

Earlier this year I teamed up with Stylist magazine to share my top tips for winter training. It can be hard to motivate yourself when it’s grey and cold outside, here’s how I’m planning to keep on track. Take Time For You – We all have mega busy lives. Don’t let work, kids, and other commitments stop you from training. Going out for a run or an hour yoga class may be the only hour of the day that you’re doing something for yourself. Make it a priority, you’ll feel happier and more energised when you return. Make Fitness Fit – Make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle, instead of another thing on your to-do lis. For example – Walk, rather than drive the kids to school and if they have scooters, put on your trainers and jog along side them.  That Feeling – One of the best things about HIIT is the feeling that you get afterwards. It really boosts your mood. Winter can make us feel sleepy and lethargic , but HIIT …

10 Days as a Vegan

Have you even been tempted to become a vegan? I have a few vegan friends & although these days it seems like all of the ‘cool kids’ are giving it a go, it’s not as easy as simply ordering a bean burger & switching to soya. Veganism isn’t just about what you eat, it causes you to be more mindful about where your food comes from and how it was produced. A common misconception, is that vegan diets are boring and that all vegans are hipsters & yogis, that only eat nuts! The reality is that there are hundreds of foods available for vegans. Another response to veganism is that it is ‘unhealthy’. ‘Surely you need to eat meat for iron & protein etc.’ A trusted vegan friend of mine told me that she actually became a vegan after studying nutrition & microbiology for years, I think I’ll take my chances. For the next 10 days I will be saying goodbye to my beloved Nutella & attempting to eat a completely Vegan diet. Day 1. …