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Run Your First Mile!

Often when people meet me and they hear me talk about running, they think that I have always been a runner. I love running for so many reasons but trust me, it hasn’t always been easy. Admittedly, I’ve always been athletic and active, but I used to run the 100m and 200m track races, I’m half Jamaican, sprinting is is my blood! The first time I ever went out for a road run, was about nine months after Jude was born. I was wearing a pair of old trainers, my shorts didn’t have a pocket so I was carrying my iPhone in my hand, and I got an agonising stitch about three minutes in. My run turned to a jog and I managed to get through about a a mile and a half. I walked in through the front door and I felt defeated, I thought that maybe running wasn’t for me. I remember at that time, I was on maternity leave and I wanted to get into running because it was free and I …

Fitbit | Healthy Habits

I am a big believer that small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your health. This October I’ve partnered with Fitbit and I’m going to see if tracking my everyday activity, using the FitBit Surge 2, will help me to reach my goals. I have three healthy habits that I am going to track.

adidas runners REMIX !

Where adidas studio London, 152 Brick Lane When  Saturday 10.30am Who adidas runners I’ve joined the adidas runners for 3 unique REMIX run sessions. Don’t worry if you missed the first two, make sure you sign up for the finale on Saturday 30th September. Lace up and join us at 152 Brick lane at 10am, it’s a women’s only event (sorry lads). We’re kick starting the weekend, and waking up the locals, by running through the city with my REMIX playlist. Music is my motivation when I’m training, it makes me run faster and push myself harder. After the run, we work out and we’re accompanied by LIVE musicians. Previously we have been joined by a sax, a trumpet and a duo steel band. I’m MEGA excited for our final workout but you’ll have to wait until the day to find out what the soundtrack will be. Don’t worry if you’re new to running or you haven’t been running in a while. All abilities are welcome and no one gets left behind. It’s not a …