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Active For 2

As a personal trainer and a Mum, I’m often asked for advice when it comes to pre and
postnatal fitness. Exercising whilst pregnant often sparks debate and many pregnant women are unsure of the do’s and don’ts.

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Life lately …

It’s May and it finally feels like spring has sprung! I’m loving my early morning runs in the sunshine. I’ve ditched my coat and I’m living in these yellow jeans from Monki.

My Travel Checklist

Whether I’m going away for one night or one week, I have a travel checklist at the back of my notebook that I always use. Life’s busy and often I don’t have a lot of time to pack, so having this list already written out, makes it mega easy. I’m currently sitting on the Eurostar train on my way home from Paris. I was only there for one night and we had a busy schedule but of course I still had to get out for a run this morning. Space saving tips for your fit kit – Even if I’m only going for one or two days, I always pack my trainers. I roll up a sports bra and put it into one of my trainers, I then roll up my shorts and put them in the other shoe. I also take a thin cotton tote bag so that if my running shoes get dirty or wet, I can put them in the bag before they go back into my suitcase. Another top tip for …

Why I’m Running the Berlin Marathon

Within minutes of crossing the finish line of my first ever marathon, I said to my husband, ‘I’m never doing that again!’ and in that moment, I truly thought that London 2017 would be my first and last marathon. One year later and I am about to embark upon my twenty week training program, to complete the Berlin marathon in September. So what’s changed? Why I am taking on another marathon. Well, firstly it’s because I love running and when I’m training for a race, I’m much more consistent with my running and it gives me an extra bit of motivation get up out of bed and lace up. Secondly, I never want to get bored of running the same five mile route around my house. Training for a marathon last year forced me to find new places to run, it brought new friends into my life, and it showed me that I can be incredibly self disciplined. I surprised myself, I never knew how focused I could be. I really enjoyed the structure of …

How does she do it?

Now this is a tricky one for me. Does such a thing even exist when you run your own business? and you’re the co-founder of a start up? The line between work and life is very thin for me. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that but I do feel a pressure from other people.


… I left that event feeling both inspired and empowered and also proud to be a woman. 2018 is an incredible time to be a woman. We have a voice and the world is listening. Let’s make everyday, International women’s day! 

Behind The Scenes, adidas Ultraboost Shoot, LA.

In November last year, I flew to LA to shoot the latest adidas running campaign. This campaign also featured GB World Champion sprinter, Nethaneel Blake & South African Olympic runner, Dominique Scott-Erfud. (I did my best to keep up!) I’m so excited to see the campaign this week in stores and online. Yesterday, I woke up to three messages from people that said they had seen my face in a store window! That is totally crazy! Here are a few behind the scenes snaps …  I’m not sure if I’m taking a selfie or chatting to Rob and Jude on FaceTime. *Probably the first one! 😀 Seeking shade and chatting to the photographer Jonathan Mehring.  Touch ups in the hair and make up chair. We started shooting at 5.00am for the sunrise light, so I think I am still waking up in this photo.  Energy From The Ground Up  It’s been 5 years since adidas launched the ultraboost running shoe. ‘BOOST’ is a superior cushioning technology that provides energy return. They literally give you a boost! If you’ve ever worn …