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Friday’s at Frame

I’m super excited to start teaching at Frame Dance & Fitness Studio in Shoreditch on Friday’s! I will be teaching two classes each week. The first is at 10.30am & is the Frame Mum’s Club . . . ‘A full body workout for mums, involving boxing, toning & a whole lot of abs, all done to music of the good variety. Perfect for new Mums that want to get back into exercising, without having to fork out for a babysitter.’ I think it’s awesome that you can bring your baby along to this class, I would have loved that when Jude was little. My second class is at 12.15pm, Frame’s signature class called ‘Body by Frame’ . . . ‘1 hour of continuous cardio, 1 set of light weights, 1 pumping soundtrack, 1 incredibly motivating instructor to get you through the door . . .  and 1 super hot body to walk out the door!’  I can’t think of a better way to kick start the weekend, than fitness Friday’s at Frame!