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Active For 2

As a personal trainer and a Mum, I’m often asked for advice when it comes to pre and
postnatal fitness. Exercising whilst pregnant often sparks debate and many pregnant women are unsure of the do’s and don’ts.


Today, I started a new page on my site called YouCAN.  Every Sunday I will be a sharing a new message on this page to encourage and to motivate you to do more, to become more and to help you achieve success. My first post is all about navigating a quarter life crisis, (yes that is a real thing) how to avoid the comparison trap and create your own definition of success. Read the full post here … You CAN  

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Life lately …

It’s May and it finally feels like spring has sprung! I’m loving my early morning runs in the sunshine. I’ve ditched my coat and I’m living in these yellow jeans from Monki.

Power Hour

What is the power hour? Why am I obsessed with talking about it? If you follow me on social media, then you’ll know that I get up early everyday and that the first hour of each day is my ‘Power Hour’. Over the last twelve months, I’ve hosted a series of talks at live events, conferences and festivals. I’m constantly talking about the ‘Power Hour’ and the dramatic impact that it has had on own life. Recently, other people have started to email me or direct message me on Instagram, to tell me how the ‘Power Hour’ has changed their lives too. So, first up, what is the ‘Power Hour’? The Power Hour is the first hour that you are awake each day. What you do with that time is completely up to you, but I believe that is the most powerful hour of the day and that it has the potential to set up the rest of your day for either success or failure. We now live in a world that is completely overwhelming …

5 Ways To Boost Your Mood

This spring I’ve teamed up with VeryUK to share my ‘Everyday Life Goals’ aka the simple things in my life that make a really big difference! My life is mega busy right now! I’m working on lots of different projects, preparing for our next Get To KNOW event, training for a marathon, and Jude is at home for two weeks as it’s school Easter holidays. I am forever trying to ensure a good work life balance but it’s a struggle. If I notice myself getting stressed out or overwhelmed, then I have to take a step back, log out of my email account and spend a few hours doing something fun. Here are my favourite ways to boost your mood and get you mojo back… MUSIC  I absolutely love listening to music! Whether I’m cooking at home, driving to the city, or out running in the morning, I’ve always got a playlist ready. If I’m feeling a little flat, I’ll listen to my diva playlist, turn it up loud and sing along at the top …

My Travel Checklist

Whether I’m going away for one night or one week, I have a travel checklist at the back of my notebook that I always use. Life’s busy and often I don’t have a lot of time to pack, so having this list already written out, makes it mega easy. I’m currently sitting on the Eurostar train on my way home from Paris. I was only there for one night and we had a busy schedule but of course I still had to get out for a run this morning. Space saving tips for your fit kit – Even if I’m only going for one or two days, I always pack my trainers. I roll up a sports bra and put it into one of my trainers, I then roll up my shorts and put them in the other shoe. I also take a thin cotton tote bag so that if my running shoes get dirty or wet, I can put them in the bag before they go back into my suitcase. Another top tip for …

Cosmo Influencer Awards 2018

Last night I arrived at Kensington Palace Gardens to attend the Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year Awards. I was nominated for the ‘Best Health & Wellbeing’ award. The invitation said ‘dress to impress’ so I thought I’d better swap my running shoes for something a bit more glamorous. Suit & shoes from Topshop.  The room was filled with so many inspiring & creative people, I was so happy to be included and to be nominated. Some of my favourite internet change makers and girl bosses were there too, including Emma Gannon, who is literally adored by everyone that she meets. Chidera Eggerue, aka the Slumflower, a young woman that is making waves, everywhere she goes. Alice Liveing, she is small but mighty! and is just full of good energy. Oh, and I was seated next to my favourite fashionista DJ duo, the Collyer Twins. Not you’re average Thursday night! There were eight ladies nominated for the Heath & Wellness award, so I was absolutely buzzing! (and mega shocked) when the Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Farrah Storr, …