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Behind The Scenes, adidas Ultraboost Shoot, LA.

In November last year, I flew to LA to shoot the latest adidas running campaign. This campaign also featured GB World Champion sprinter, Nethaneel Blake & South African Olympic runner, Dominique Scott-Erfud. (I did my best to keep up!) I’m so excited to see the campaign this week in stores and online. Yesterday, I woke up to three messages from people that said they had seen my face in a store window! That is totally crazy!

Here are a few behind the scenes snaps …

Adrienne_2.jpg I’m not sure if I’m taking a selfie or chatting to Rob and Jude on FaceTime. *Probably the first one! 😀

Adrienne_1.jpgSeeking shade and chatting to the photographer Jonathan Mehring. 

Adrienne_Make-up.jpgTouch ups in the hair and make up chair. We started shooting at 5.00am for the sunrise light, so I think I am still waking up in this photo. 

Energy From The Ground Up 


It’s been 5 years since adidas launched the ultraboost running shoe. ‘BOOST’ is a superior cushioning technology that provides energy return. They literally give you a boost! If you’ve ever worn them, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I first started running in ultraboost three years ago, I was amazed and to be honest it kinda feels like cheating, they give you such a bounce and spring as you run.


BA.PROD.03_0207-R1 2.jpg

This week, to celebrate the launch of the shoe, I have been at the London adidas studio to host a series of running events. Everyone that comes along to the run gets to trial the ultraboost for a 5K route and post run stretch session. So far we’ve had over 120 women join us! Running through the city in such a big group feels amazing, so much girl power and energy! Head over to the adidas Runners London Facebook page for all the running group info. Click here 

I have two spaces for tomorrow morning’s run (Saturday 9.30am) send me a DM on insta @adrienne_ldn & let’s run!