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Skincare Travel Tips

I’ve taken a lot of long haul flights in the last year, so I’ve got a few hacks and some essentials that I now use every time I travel.

If I’m travelling for a shoot, I really don’t want to arrive feeling tired, bloated and with puffy eyes. You know that feeling, when you’ve been on an air conditioned plane for eleven hours, and your face feel like a dried fruit! If you’ve landed somewhere hot, you’ll  need to use sun cream and then you get a breakout, just in time for your first holiday selfie! I’m thirty years old, surly I’ve had my lifetime number of spots already! After a lot of trial and error, I’ve got my routine down…

Here are my top travel tips, to help you arrive looking and feeling fresh…

  1. Water! The most obvious and the easiest one is to drink water, LOTS of water. I always drink at least a litre of water throughout the flight. If you’re drink a cheeky prosecco or wine, then you definitely need to remember the 1 litre rule.
  2. Moisturise! Before, during and after the flight. I always take a face cream in my hand luggage, so that I can moisturise again a few hours in to the journey. I love Kiehl’s ‘Ultra Facial Cream’ and Origins ‘Drink Up’ Mask.
  3. Do not eat plane food! I take my own food for the flight. Airports usually have quite a lot of options, so even if you don’t take food from home you can always find a Pret. Plane food is so salty and full of additives. It smells a lot better that it tastes and it doesn’t even smell that good.
  4. Spacemask. Oh my gosh, these are a game changer! Spacemask’s are self heating, eye masks infused with essential oils. It’s really great for helping you to get some sleep so you’ll arrive feeling good.
  5. Headphones. I always use big over the ear noise cancelling headphones. Even if I’m not listening to music or a podcast, they’re great for blocking out the noise so I can get to sleep. I use Beats ‘Solo Wireless’, they are really cushioned so they don’t hurt your ears if you wake up after 3 hours wearing them.
  6. Reset the clock. As soon as I get on a plane I change my watch to the destination time zone. I think it helps me mentally to believe that it’s 4am, even when it should be midday. I still haven’t quite cracked the jet lag yet, but an iced latte on arrival usually helps A LOT!

So that’s it… happy travels!