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Run Your First Mile!

Often when people meet me and they hear me talk about running, they think that I have always been a runner. I love running for so many reasons but trust me, it hasn’t always been easy. Admittedly, I’ve always been athletic and active, but I used to run the 100m and 200m track races, I’m half Jamaican, sprinting is is my blood!

The first time I ever went out for a road run, was about nine months after Jude was born. I was wearing a pair of old trainers, my shorts didn’t have a pocket so I was carrying my iPhone in my hand, and I got an agonising stitch about three minutes in. My run turned to a jog and I managed to get through about a a mile and a half. I walked in through the front door and I felt defeated, I thought that maybe running wasn’t for me. I remember at that time, I was on maternity leave and I wanted to get into running because it was free and I could fit it in around Jude’s naps. I’d heard people talk so passionately about running. How amazing it felt to be outside, running in the fresh air and so on. I felt frustrated and a little bit miffed that my first run was so terrible. So, I decided I’d give running another go.

6 years and hundreds of miles later, I can now say that I am a runner and I TOTALLY get it! Running has become a part of my life, it’s taken me around the world, introduced me to new people and has helped me to overcome some really challenging times. Everyday, I see the positive impact that running has for so many women. Running is truly life changing!

If you want to give running a go, here are a few tips that I hope will help you to run that first mile…

  1. Get a bum bag or running belt. You can get one for about a fiver, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Make sure you can fit your key and your phone in it securely. It’s so annoying when you have things jingling around in your pocket or worse YOUR BRA! (I have seen friends use their sports bra’s to hold their phone, keys, and even an asthma pump! LOLZ)
  2. Go slow. When people tell me that they can’t run, my first thought is, they’re trying to run to fast. It doesn’t matter about the pace at all. Just jog at a steady pace, you should be able to breathe and chat. If you’re working so hard that you can’t talk, you’re running too fast.
  3. Breathe! but don’t overthink it. This might sound strange but unlike swimming or yoga, you don’t need to think too much about breathing. Your body knows how to breathe, it’s instinctive. Don’t be put off by the sound of your own breathe, just let your body relax and breathe however you need to.
  4. Be safe. If you’re running alone, make sure you have your phone, stick to well lit routes and wear light coloured clothing. You can search for running routes on the Map My Run app and plan a route that’s close to home.

Give it a go and trust me, it will get easier! If you any questions about getting started, leave a comment below or connect with me on Instagram @adrienne_ldn Happy running!

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