‘Why do you talk about motivation so much?’

On Sunday evening I went on Instagram live for fifteen minutes to talk about motivation. I wanted to share a positive message and to encourage others to start the week feeling good.

I’ve been asked a few times recently, ‘Why do you talk about motivation so much and what motivates you?

Well, where should I start!? If I am 100% honest, I believe that encouraging others is my gift, it’s what I do best and it comes naturally to me. I haven’t had the easiest life so far, but let’s be honest who has? Please understand that I am not saying this for sympathy or even for empathy, it’s just my reality.  However, I know that no matter what I have experienced, I have always known that I’m not the only one and that there is always someone else that has it worse than I do right now. There have been a few moments in my life that have really shocked me, stopped my world from spinning and really changed me forever. Those moments are what make me grateful of my life and the people in it. I never knew that I could be so grateful for the everyday things, that I once took for granted. The joy in your everyday life is there if you chose to see it. I genuinely wish that everyone could just open there eyes and see things with a different perspective.

What I see a lot around me, is that people like to complain. People are mad, angry, critical and hateful. People expect a lot, they can be selfish and entitled. These people are full of excuses and they want to blame someone else for their unhappiness. Maybe they blame their parents, or their teachers, the government or their boss. There’s always a circumstance or a reason but untimely, we all have a choice and I am the only person that can determine my own happiness.

It’s no secret that I would love to have another baby. Everyone who knows me, knows this. I’ve been praying for four years to be pregnant again. I think about it every single day. I have big hopes for our family in the future, I have huge career ambitions, there’s a list of countries that I’d like to visit, things that I’d like to experience. However, if non of these things happen, it’s okay. My happiness does not depend upon it. It’s nice to have hopes and dreams, but it’s even better to look at what you already have.

Something that helps me to feel positive, happy and motivated each day is to spend ten minutes really thinking about the things that I have. I don’t write them down, but I visualise them and sometimes I say them aloud. I know this might sound a little bit crazy to some people but I encourage you to try it.
Every time I hear someone say the words ‘I don’t have …’ I feel like frustrated because I understand that their mindset, is set towards negativity.
‘I don’t have enough time…’
‘I don’t have enough money…’
‘I don’t have parents that can help me out…’ etc
I’m not saying that real problems don’t exist, of course we all sometimes face challenges and adversity, some people a lot more than others. But we can’t let what has happened to us in the past, define who we become in the future. What I see, is that people can have almost nothing and be happy, loving, generous and kind, whilst people can have an abundance of things and be the most stressed out, miserable and ungrateful. These are the people that are complaining all the time.

If you woke up today without any pain, illness or disease, then you should be happy. If you woke up today and you felt safe and you knew that your kids were safe too, then you should be happy. If you have food, clothes, a TV, an iPhone, a car, then you are better off than a huge percentage of people on this earth. Why are you still complaining!? Oh because you have to go to work? or because you have to pay rent? or because your train was delayed? You have to change your perspective!

Are the people around you complaining and bringing you down? Or are you spreading your negativity, hatefulness and darkness to others? It’s a lot easier to blame, to criticise and to complain than it is to be positive. I’ve noticed this online too. The loudest people are getting the most attention for complaining, because negativity is contagious and it spreads like a fire.

Okay, so the original question was ‘Why do I talk about motivation so much and what motivates me?’

Ultimately it’s two things…
Number one; I appreciate what I have and that will ALWAYS be more than what I want. When I was a child, I envied my best friend. I thought that I wanted a life like hers. I never assumed or expected that I would have everything that I have today.

Number two; I understand that we are all different, what motivates me might be different to what motivates you but I do believe that we can all chose to be grateful.

There is a lot of negative noise, so I want to counter act it with some words of encouragement, love and  positivity. Our words have power.