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This morning I ran the adidas City Runs 10K in Shoreditch. It was SO FUN! If you’ve never signed up to a road race before, here’s a few reasons that you really should . . .You’ll make some incredible mates! I’ve made so many friends since I started running four years ago and being a part of the adidas runners community is amazing. I honestly can’t recommend joining a weekly group running session enough! Running is as good for your mind as it is for your body and the social element is so valuable too.
Today, after the race, I was getting on to the underground and I sat down next to a girl that was wearing a Royal Parks Half Marathon medal. I congratulated her on the race bling and we started chatting about running, trainers and our post run lunch plans. How often do you have a chat with a complete stranger on the tube? Runners are the best people.

You won’t feel intimidated, trust me! Running is for everyone. It really doesn’t matter how fast (or how slow) you are, you’ll be cheered across the finish line and we all get the same medal. Runners are all different ages, shapes, sizes and ability. Don’t be put off because you think you’re ‘not a runner‘, you may surprise yourself.Running can literally take you around the world. There are so many races across the U.K and Europe throughout the year. Over the last three years, I have ran in London, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sardinia and Brittany. Next year Rob and I are going to a enter a half marathon in Europe, maybe Paris or Amsterdam. It’s a great reason to visit a new city and have a mini holiday at the same time.

Signing up to a race always gives me a new burst if motivation to train and it makes my training more consistent, especially throughout winter. I add the race days to my calendar and then make a weekly countdown and training programme.

Lastly, running is simple awesome! It’s challenging, humbeling and it can never ever be conquered. I’ve been on a high all day since this mornings race. The energy in the race village and at the adidas runners after party was amazing. On the train home, I scrolled through Instagram and I saw everyones post race selfies and finish line photos. I read so many comments and they were all words of encouragement and praise. Search #TakeChargeLDN to see the videos and snaps for yourself.SO. . . what are you waiting for!? Sign up to a race and you can thank me later 🙂 My next run is in two weeks. I’ll be lacing up for the Great South Run (10miles). Thank you so much @adidasuk & @adidasrunning for hosting such an awesome event. I can’t wait for the next one!


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