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miadidas Shoe Collection

It’s finally here!! Over the last few months I have been working on the miadidas project with the adidas UK team and it was SO tough to keep it a secret. I’ve created my own range of adidas footwear, inspired by the city of London. How crazy is that!!

Here is a closer look at my collection …

Through out the range of performance and lifestyle shoes, I have used Gold stripes. I chose gold for two reasons.

  1. I love the city of London. I often run along the river Thames or though the royal parks and I feel inspired and in awe. Our city is home to incredible art, fashion, culture and talent. I felt that both gold and red were symbolic of London’s heritage and history.
  2. Secondly, I wanted to use gold to represent achievement. Often we associate gold with winning, first place, medals, victories and triumphs. I want to encourage people to celebrate their own success, no matter how big or small. Many of us will never win an Olympic gold medal but we are all capable of achieving incredible things. Only you can define your success.

As a lover of fitness and fashion, creating a footwear collection was a dream come true for me. I first met with the design team in February, I talked to them about my love of running, music, dancing, London and my love of people. People inspire me everyday. Talking to them, listening to their stories, learning from them. I am most alive when I am surrounded by people. I’ve met so many wonderful people in London. The city has an incredible energy, I could never get bored of London.

What inspires you? You can customise your own pair of shoes, change the colours the patter and the print, just click here to get creating!

 Adrienne_LDN X miadidas – @adidasUK

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