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London Marathon – 1 Week To Go !

With only one week to go, before I take on the biggest running challenge of my life, I thought I’d share a final update …

It’s no doubt that the London marathon is one of the most iconic races in the world! To be honest, I don’t really know what to expect as I’ve never run a marathon before but as it gets closer to the big day, one thing I know is that I want to actually enjoy it! I may never run a marathon again, (never say never) so I’m just gonna do my best and take it all in. I don’t want to let other peoples expectations or pressure ruin it for me.

I’ve always been very competitive, ever since I was a child, it’s not something that I’m proud of but it’s just the way that I am. It’s not necessarily about being the best at something or winning, but anything that I do, I have to give it absolutely 100%, nothing less.
Well, one things for sure, training for a marathon is incredible humbling! This is a race that I definitely aint gonna win! It has not been easy and at times I’ve questioned if I would even be able to do it. I have never trained for an endurance event before, the last three months have been as much of a metal challenge as it has been a physical one. Doing something that you’re not naturally good at is really tough and trust me, endurance running does not feel natural for me at all!

I’ve chatted to so many people about the marathon, most people are incredibly encouraging and offer their support and advice but the big question they all want to know is . . . ‘What time are you aiming for?’
Maybe before I started training, I would have said ‘Oh, I don’t really know. Around 4 hours or less’ How naive of me! Running a sub 4 hour marathon is incredibly difficult, especially for a first timer like me.
There are so many things to consider on race day, somethings you can control but somethings that you just can’t. I know that I have worked really hard over the last three months, I’ve put the miles in, I’ve been disciplined with strength training, stretching and foam rolling, as well as making changes to my diet too. It has been a huge commitment. All I can do now, is run as best as I can on the day.
One guy asked me about my ‘goal time’ and then scoffed and replied ‘Four hours? What are you going to be walking it?! What a dumbass! Other people have said things like ‘Oh you’re mega fit, it will be easy for you’ easy? EASY! You do know that it’s 26.2 miles right? and my favourite one was ‘You look really fast’ How can someone look fast? I’m sure that it was meant to be a compliment but it kinda makes me feel under pressure to live up to other peoples ideas.
Anyway, I’m letting go of any pressure and letting go of my ego. I believe that anyone who is willing to take on a marathon is incredibly brave and I’ll be proud to cross the finish line, even if it takes me all day!

The night before the race, I will be going to bed early with a belly full of pasta. I’ve written down a list of things to remember …

  • You are brave
  • You are ready
  • You are raising a lot of cash for a great charity
  • You can do it
  • Smile, you might be on TV!
  • Remember to charge your GPS watch!

I’m raising money for Epilepsy Research UK – I really appreciate every sponsor, big or small. Here is the link to my Just Giving page


  1. You have to just let it happen. Stay injury free and enjoy the day. There is so much more to the marathon than “the clock”, just taking part is an achievement and you will love the atmosphere and when it’s over you never have to do it again…unless you get hooked! Xx

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  2. You will be able to carry this achievement through your life! What an incredible thing to be doing, wow! I’m so proud of you, Hayley and AJ. You girls!!!

    You know I’m going to be crying when I see you!! xxx

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  3. This is exactly the attitude I need to take on too! You ARE brave, you CAN do it and you are inspiring many including ME. I’ll see you on the start line…and the finish. Enjoy 👊💥

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  4. Anon says

    THIS! If everyone I followed wrote as real as you the internet would be a better place. I resonate with everything you’ve said. I am also super competitive with myself and refuse to give anything but 100 – which has unfortunately led to a multitude of injuries.
    Come Sunday im removing the pressure both externally and internally and gonna try my best to just enjoy (and not panic all too much with the run up till then).
    Hope so see you there, truly and inspiration and best of luck! Remember we run for those that can’t and would love to. It’s a blessing – even if it will hurt by the end…

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  5. Thank you, I hope you have a great race on Sunday! I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve always watched it on TV and felt so amazed and inspired. Bring it on! X


  6. Trust your training and enjoy yourself!!! I have my first marathon in 4 weeks so this was a great read for me! You’ve got this!!


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