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Who I Follow on Social Media and Why …

I recently listened to a fascinating podcast about social media. The hosts were discussing mental health and how the use of social media can impact us both positively and negatively. They looked at studies, most of which were targeted to Facebook users, that questioned how often people used social media and how this affected them emotionally. Head over to Spotify and search ‘Stuff To Blow Your Mind – Is Social Media Driving Us Insane?’ to listen to the podcast for yourself.

Okay, so we may have created some unhealthy habits when it comes to social media but there is also a huge amount of good stuff happening online too! Of course everyone’s personal experience is very different but here’s how I see it…

Unlike other forms of media, like TV, radio and magazines, our social media channels are created by us. We choose who to follow, what to watch and who to engage with. We curate our own news by selecting who and what we want to see. You can find a specific community of other people that share the same passions as you. A perfect example for me is running. I am part of an online community of runners, via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We discuss everything from training plans, to compression socks, to nipple chafing! (Yes that is actually a real thing!) If you don’t run then of course this conversation would be very boring, (or amusing), but to me it’s essential info!

As well as choosing what we want to see on our social media feeds, we’re also able to get involved, start our own conversations, share our own ideas and passions and this is what I love most about it!

I follow fitness bloggers, fashion bloggers, mummy bloggers, journalists, celebs, athletes, photographers, the list goes on. I love to share what I’m getting up to on my own channels as well as being able to reach out to lots of women and to spread my message of active living and body confidence. I have seen online communities that empower other women, that support one and other, that raise money for charities, that raise political awareness and that represent unity! This is all happening online. Of course everything has it’s pros and cons but there are often a lot of negative assumptions about social media, it’s not just a place full of narcissists posting selfies I swear! (admittedly I do love a good selfie, especially if I’m having a good hair day ๐Ÿ™‚ afro’s have a mind of their own sometimes!)

ANYWAY… If your social media feed leaves you feeling uninspired or worse, it actually makes you feel a bit crappy, then you need to change the channel! Unfollow and find some like minded peeps to rock your online world. Trust me there are so ย many awesome women out there doing incredible things. Get involved!

Here are just a few of my faves … (okay there’s quite a lot)

@Robinnyc – Street Athlete, badass, runner, supporter of women. Lives in NYC.

@Shona_Vertue – Aussie yoga teacher, lives in London, very knowledgable! has the body of a goddess!!!

@hayleyjanewarnes – London based triathlete, writer, animal lover, traveller & my ultimate girl crush!

@ajodudu – Northerner living in London. TV presenter, DJ, blogger and ball of energy and good vibes! AKA the funniest person I know.

@freddieharrel – Parisian fashion Blogger, new mama, founder of SHEunleashed (confidence workshops) I want her wardrobe!

@StyleMeSunday – East London Mama, writer & blogger. Creator of #WarriorWomanProject.

@alice_tate MEGA BABE! Travel + Fitness Blogger. She’s effortlessly cool and chic even when hungover!

@natashascarlet_ #GirlBoss CEO of RedAgencyLondon. Stylish and swag tomboy with a heart of gold.

@meagankong – Pro dancer, lives in LA, keeps it real. (booty goals!)

@emmagannonuk – London based, writer, speaker & author. Her podcasts are fab! If you’re a woman then you’ll like her.

@zannavandijk – Fitness blogger/vlogger & author. Tall blonde, dead lifts 100kg! Yikes! Loves snapchat, hates BS!

@taza – New York mummy blogger. The first blogger I ever followed (5 years ago, when I was pregnant) Beautiful lady, beautiful family, sincere, modest, adorable.

@mre.soeur – London. Supporter of women. #MumBoss (If you know, then you know)

@carlyrowena – Fitness, motivation, fun, honest, total BABE!

@taralondon – London based personal trainer. Expert pancake maker, sporty chic every damn day!

@itsdwallace – Style goals! Accessories editor ELLE UK

@amy_abrahams – Writer (very good writer!) Feminist. Runner. Stylish and wonderful.

@gedefoster – London. Fitness & dance. Red headed badass! Easily one of the BEST fitness instructors in London! just sayin’

@chrissyteigen – I mean c’mon! What’s not to like!?

@woodandluxe – Aussie girl, world travel blogger, London based atm. Beautiful inside and out.

@gurlstalk – Women, Feminists, Sisters, Mothers, Ladies, go follow.

@steffywhiteyoga – London based yogi, fun and inspiring. Doesn’t take life too seriously, LOVE her Scottish accent!

@kimhartwell –ย London cover girl. Looks like Barbie but trains let Ken! Loveable badass.

@tallyrye –ย London personal trainer, chatter box, loves brunch and burpees. Small but mighty!

I have so many more !!! Who are your faves? comment below or tweet me @adrienne_ldn .ย Let’s share the love!!




  1. Thanks for the inclusion A! How amazing to be amongst so many awesome ladies.

    I agree with you – we get to choose who we follow, so why not fill up our feeds with inspiring and motivating women.

    Big love x


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  2. Ahhh love this & love you girl!!! Absolutely agree that there’s a whole lotta positive stuff going on with social (as well as just the bad stuff!) For the record you’re 1000% on my tippy top list of wonderful, inspirational badasses! Thank you for including me on the list of awesomeness (I feel honored!!!) xxx

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    • Keep doing your thing lady! I feel mega lucky to have a tribe of strong women in my life! This is why I always wanted to be in the spice girls! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜โค

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  3. YES! Cheers for being tricked into believing I’m funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

    No but seriously, thanks for introducing me to so many fabulous feeds. How have I not been followning ALL of these incredible Souls already?! I see the light now ๐Ÿ™Œโœจ

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