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The latest …

It’s been a mega busy month so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately …


I took a break from running, after my summer run challenge I needed to give my legs a rest. I’ve been going to reformer pilates, which I LOVE! I’m really missing running though, especially as Autumn is so gorgeous and it’s no too cold yet. I can’t wait to lace up and get back out there asap. I’m also looking for my next RUNbeautiful adventure!

Sport Style Shoot.

Last week I met up with a photographer, @tomjoyphoto. I have Instagram to thank for this union. I absolutely loved shooting around east London with Tom, we had very similar ideas on style and mood for the shoot. Here’s one of my faves …


Clearly I’m still taking outfit inspiration from ‘The Get Down’ If you follow me on snapchat then you’ll know that I’m obsessed!. … more photos from Tom coming soon.

Team ELLE Fit.

I took the ELLE magazine team to Green Park for a lunch time cardio and strength workout. I also shared my top tips for training throughout autumn and into the winter months. You can read my article over on


Top Tips.

I talked to Women’s Health magazine about a ‘Perfect Fitness Day’. The type of training I do and how I make sure I have enough protein to my diet. They even added a cartoon me to demonstrate the exercises! How cool is that!

You can read my full article in this months Women’s Health magazine or see it here.

Other random life updates

My current food obsession is cinnamon! I put it in everything. Porridge, smoothies, bananas, everything!

My favourite song atm is ‘Even If It’s a Lie’ – Matt Maltese. I’ve been listening to it on repeat, Matt’s voice is beautiful! It’s also kind of sad and mellow so don’t listen to it if you’re feeling emotional to hormonal. *note to self.

I’m currently reading Emma Gannon‘s book ‘Ctr Alt Delete’ It’s brutally honest and hilarious. I only read the first few chapters, then life got in the way and it was left by my bed for a week or so. I’m picking it up again tomorrow morning. Sunday morning in bed with a book and a mint tea, who have I become!?

So, that’s the latest. October is almost over, but not quite. I still have two days to create a werewolf costume for Jude (his request). We’re going to a party on Monday and then trick or treating for the first time. I’m not sure which of us is more excited about a bucket full of starmix!

That’s the latest. I’m going to make this post a monthly feature, please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to include. Comment or tweet me @adriennetmm #TheLatest.


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