Learning to Swim

So earlier on this year I shared a blog post titled ‘Making A Splash!‘ I talked about how both Jude and I will be starting swimming lessons at David Lloyd Health Club. A few months later, here is an update as to how we’re both getting on. . .

Having our David Lloyd club membership throughout the summer school holidays was absolutely brilliant. Rob and I could train together in the gym whilst Jude enjoy the kids club. We signed up for swimming lessons with a wonderful swimming coach who is aptly named David.

Jude started off really well, he was excited about the lesson and he seemed really keen to get in the water. However, he quickly became nervous when he realised that his feet couldn’t reach the bottom and that I was’t getting in with him. He clung on to David and gripped his t-shirt with both hands for most of the thirty minute lesson, but at least he came out smiling.The following few lessons Jude seemed to become more and more anxious each time we walked out to the pool. On one occasion he began to cry before he even got into the water. It’s heart breaking to see but I know that it’s a really important skill of him to learn. I’ve been assured that this is very common and that lots of children behave like that for a few weeks or months of swimming. It’s very daunting when you first start to learn to swim, especially when you’re five years old.  We were advised by David to continue with the lessons and to also take Jude swimming ourselves at the weekend too. We try to make it fun so that he will start to relax and enjoy being in the water. I’m hopeful that Jude’s swimming will improve over time.As for me, well there haven’t been any tears. (yet) Honestly, I have been amazed by my progress and I am becoming more confident each week. I have a thirty minute, one to one lesson with David, once each week. I thought that I might feel embarrassed as an adult having swimming lessons, but I don’t at all. David has coached non swimmers like me before and helped them to become confident swimmers and to complete open water swims, triathlons and iron man competitions. Before my first lesson I couldn’t swim front crawl at all but I could swim breaststroke for two or three lengths max. I am now able to swim 50 meters with a correct breathing technique and arm stroke. If you’re an adult non swimmer (doggy paddle doesn’t count), then I really recommend that you sign up for some  one to one swimming lessons.

We even played in the outside pool at the Cambridge club when it was hot.

Next month I’m going to be trying some treatments in the club spa. A sports massage and facial are top of my wish list. Make sure that you’re following me on snapchat – you_adrienne for swim lesson and spa updates. It’s worth it just to see me attempting to get my afro underneath a swimming cap!