First stop on my RUN beautiful series is Copenhagen. I was lucky enough to be invited to join the adidas runners for a 12k run in the beautiful Scandinavian city.

I’ve never been to Copenhagen before, but after just a few hour wondering around the city, I knew I was going to love it.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, the airport is a short train journey away from the main city. Absolutely everyone cycles in Copenhagen and there is a Joe & The Juice on every corner. We spent the evening exploring the city and I couldn’t resist lacing up for a short run before dinner.


If you fancy a weekend get away and you’re looking for a beautiful city to run, here’s why you should visit Copenhagen. . .

How to get there
You can get a return flight from London for less than £100 and the flight is only an hour. Perfect if you’re only visiting for a few days or if you’re traveling with kids. Check Sky Scanner to compare flight times, prices etc.

Where to stay
Copenhagen has everything from luxury hotels, family friendly hotels, apartments and hostels. Check out the hotel guide on the official site here. 

When to go
Each year there are loads of running events in Copenhagen, including a Half Marathon (September) Skagen Marathon (October) and Ironman (August). You can sign up now for 2017 races.

The adidas race took place at SØPAVILLONEN, GYLDENLØVESGADE 24. We ran around two lakes, Peblinge Sø and Sortedams Sø. The lakes are a very popular route for runners as it is very flat and it’s super easy to follow, you can’t get lost. One lap of the two lakes is 6.3km. We ran two laps in the mini skandi heatwave! (It was 29 degrees, rare weather for September.) You can see the route here.

I absolutely loved visiting Copenhagen, it is a truly beautiful place to run!

Thank you adidas uk for an awesome trip! Next week I’ll be packing my bags again and heading to Spain for my next running adventure.