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RUN beautiful

As I’m sure you already know, I love to run. Running is so many things to so many  people. It can be a way to escape and be alone with your thoughts, a way to challenge yourself, physically and mental, it can also be an amazing way to explore a new place.
Over the last few years, my love for running has grown so much. I have found some great places to run near to home, as well as joining the London Midnight Runners to run through the iconic streets and bridges of London. I have completed 5k, 10k and 10 mile races and so far I’ve clocked up the miles in London, Zurich, Paris, Sardinia & Newquay.

Earlier this year, we visited Cagliari for a family holiday. Each morning I went out on foot to explore the old town and to run along the beautiful Italian coastline. Whilst away I shared this image on Instagram with this caption …

‘Run the world. One of the best ways to explore a new city, is to lace up and go for a run. Sardinia is very hilly but the views when you get to the top are amazing!’img_9685

That run was one of my favourite ever routes because it was so beautiful! I’m sure that the pace was slow and I stopped at least 3 times to take photos and to stretch my legs. (those hills are ridiculous!) but it didn’t matter about the pace or the distance.

Recently I have noticed that the trend for running incredibly long routes, such as marathons, ultra marathons and trail runs is increasing. It’s human nature to want to see progression and improvement, often people are training to run faster or to run further. They sign up for these kind of runs as a new fitness challenge. However, most people are not designed to run these kinds of long distance races, myself included. There are of course exceptions but for many people running marathons and ultra marathons can be brutal for your body. Races like the London Marathon are hugely popular and are viewed on television by millions around the world. We see celebrities completing these races and think that it’s a fun challenge to sign up for. We don’t always see all of the the training, the physiotherapy, the injuries and all of the preparation.

If, like me, you’re not training for a marathon, then there are still so many reasons to lace up. I guess that’s one of the best things about running, there are no rules. It doesn’t matter if you do a weekly 5k Parkrun or you run 10 miles each day. If you run, then you are a runner.

Personally I enjoy running anything between a 3 mile and 8 mile route. (10 miles max!) I want to discover new places to run and to find more beautiful views along the way. So that is what ‘RUN beautiful’ is all about. I will be sharing my  favourite routes around the world so that you can check them out too. I’ll be asking for recommendations and I hope that maybe I’ll be joined by some other runners along the way too.

To kick off this running series, I will be packing my kit and joining the adidas runners in Copenhagen for the launch of their latest run club. I’m leaving in two days and I’m mega excited! I’ve heard that Copenhagen is a beautiful city so I can’t wait to see it for myself.

I have already planned the first three RUN beautiful routes (locations to be revealed) but I am looking for more. If you have any suggestions of places to run in the UK & Europe then please tweet me @adriennetmm or comment below.

Big shoutout to RED Agency LDN and Stephane Boubert for the images featured.
Check them out on Instagram – @redagencyldn @stephanesbphotography

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