Everything you need to know about SNAPCHAT

I must start off by warning, like most social media apps, snapchat is mega addictive! If you think you can handle it… here is everything you need to know!

Recently, so many people have been asking me why I use snapchat and what all the fuss is about. So I thought I’d write this guide for all users from snapchat newbies to seasoned pros!

If you haven’t downloaded the app on to your phone yet then you’re probably thinking, why do I need another one. I’ve already got Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, emails!!! argh! Or maybe you’re thinking it’s an app for fourteen year old to send selfies and rude pics to each other. Think again! Snapchat is fun, casual and majorly under rated.

Essentially, snapchat allows you to share photos and videos of your daily life with your mates. Snaps are limited to 10 seconds each and can only be viewed for 24 hours. You can send your snaps to your friends directly or you can create a ‘story’, a kind of timeline of your day. Got it?

So when you open the app, you’ll be on the camera screen. Start by taking a photo, so far so good. Then you have options to add text, emojis, filters etc. Personally I like it when people add text to their photos, it tells me what more about what they’re doing and why they are sharing this photo. Emojis are always a good idea and you can get creative with ‘Draw’ tool too.

If you’ve made a snapchat video then you can play it in slow motion, speed it up or even play backwards. You just touch the screen and swipe across to the right.

So who are you going to send your snaps too?

To add friends you have a few options;
1. Add them by typing in their username i.e. itsElle_88
2. Add from Address Book. You can scroll through your phones contacts and see everyone that has downloaded snapchat.
3.Add by Snapcode. Each user has a unique snapcode. The black dots on a yellow square around your photo. If you take a photograph or screen shot some ones snapcode the app will recognise it and voila! you’ve added them.

How do you know if someone has seen your snap?

Unlike other social media apps where you never really know who’s having a look at your life, snapchat shows you exactly who has viewed your story, it even let’s you know if someone has taken a screenshot as well. You’ll see a little green symbol next to their name.

What makes snapchat so awesome?

Unlike Instagram which can be perfectly curated and contrived, snapchat is more transparent, more honest and it’s not too serious. People share anything and everything, the real time feed means that you can only post something at the time you have taken it. You can’t post a photo of last nights outfit or a beach photo from two years ago. I like knowing that what I’m watching has just happened. For example I watched the Burberry and Vogue snapchat stories at London Fashion Week. It showed us everything from that backstage robe life to the catwalk and the after party. It’s like an access all area live video stream. I had a better view of Christopher Kane’s frilly feather theme than the people on the second row! The photos all appeared on Instagram an hour or so later. What’s instant about that ? 😀

Personally, I also like to watch my friends snaps as I get to see what they’re getting up to. It’s human nature to be curious (or a bit nosey) about how other people live. Where they’re going for dinner, what their lounge looks like or maybe that’s just me?

Tip – You’re watching someone’s story, it’s long, you’re getting bored. You can skip through their snapchat story quickly by just tapping the screen once to go on to their next snap. If you want to skip their whole story all together, just swipe the screen to the left.

Here are a few snapchat Do’s and Don’ts

– Use funny filters. Everyone loves the doggie face!
– CHAT! The clue is in the name. If you’re making videos, talk to me and tell me what you’re up to.
– Keep it real. It doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t overthink it.
– Keep it clean. No nudity please.

– Post nothing but selfies. #yawn
-Film people without them knowing. Not cool!
– Snapchat when drunk. I repeat DO NOT snapchat when drunk!

That’s it for part one. . . next week I’ll be sharing part two, which includes …

– Who I follow on snapchat.

– Why all bloggers should use snapchat.

– Which brands have recently upped their snapchat game.

Oh and add me!! : username – you_adrienne