Healthy Eats . . .

Last weekend we visited Bournemouth for a mini break by the sea. It’s half term so we really wanted to spend some time together as a family and take a break from work. One of my favourite things about holidays is the food! At home I love cooking but on holiday we go out for dinner and of course enjoy the local favourites. You can’t beat fish and chips in newspaper on the coast.

We also discovered a new restaurant called The Skinny Kitchen. You may have already seen a mouth watering stack of pancakes on my Instagram feed. After a quick glance at the menu, I had high expectations for our meal and we were not disappointed. The food was fantastic!


Their impressive smoothie and juice menu has everything a healthy gal could ask for. I went for this Acai berry blast and a spicy bean chilli.


Oh my . . . the desserts! We ordered the sweet potato brownie and banana bread to share. (I definitely didn’t want to share either of them, sorry Rob)


We couldn’t leave Bournemouth without returning the next day to try the pancakes from their breakfast menu. I think if we lived closer to The Skinny Kitchen I would undoubtedly be their best customer. I can’t recommend it enough.


If you’re heading to Bournemouth this summer, check it out here.