Adidas Buddy Workout

This month I have teamed up with Tally Rye and adidas UK to create a series of Buddy Workouts. Together, we are #HereToCreate some fitness fun moves and give your summer workout a boost!


It’s so much more fun to workout with a friend, so Tally and I have created four short videos to showcase our favourite moves. As it’s a parter workout, you will need to grab a friend for support, literally! You don’t need to go to the gym for this session, you can do these moves anywhere.


Visit the adidaswomenuk Facebook page to see our full video series. Tag a fitness friend that needs some motivation this week. Tally and I had so much fun creating these videos and my whole body was aching the next day! (You can see a behind the scenes video over on Tally’s YouTube channel. . . here)


Also, head to instagram and search #HereToCreate for some awesome adidas fitspo!