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Today is the launch of a new Women’s Health magazine campaign, #InShapeMyShape. This months cover star Caroline Flack is inviting you to love your body and embrace your shape.

Come on ladies, we all have parts of our body that we complain about but how oftern to you celebrate your body? Probably not often enough. Personally, it’s taken me a long time to be completely happy with my body shape. My body is natural very straight, my hips are narrow and I’ve always had a athletic shape. In fact when I was younger I had a similar silhouette to Mowgli from the Jungle Book 🙂 I’ve always looked enviously at women with hips like Beyonce. Curvy women look so feminine and sexy!

As I grew up, I accepted my body shape but I probably never really loved my body until . . . I became pregnant! I know that many women say that they dread pregnancy, as they fear that it will ‘destroy’ their bodies beyond repair. Well, I’ve got good news ladies, your body is incredible! I watched my belly grow with amazement, I couldn’t believe that their was a tiny person inside there. Don’t even get me started on birthing! I realised that all woman are superhero’s and that our bodies are so strong. I have a new respect for my body as it carried my baby boy for nine months, and I think that is pretty awesome!

So, I’m joining the campaign and celebrating my body. I love my abs because they remind of how strong us women are! You can join in by posting a picture with the hashtag #InShapeMyShape on Instagram & Twitter. Tag me too, so I can see. I’m predicting a lot of booties! That is the sole reason for doing squats, right?

You can read Caroline Flacks interview in Women’s Health mag, which is out today. She talks about her body transformation, growing up with a twin, and how she’s learned to ignore the haters on Twitter. You’ll also be able to read fellow fitness bloggers, Carly Rowena & Zanna Van Dijk‘s contributions to the chat too.

Let’s support and encourage each other both on and offline. #InShapeMyShape


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Photographer – Women’s Health, Ian Harrison