It’s marathon week! This Sunday over 38,000 runners will hit the road and race through London to complete the London marathon.

The route starts in Blackheath, runners will make their way through the city, passing some of London’s most iconic landmarks and finishing at The Mall. The 26.2 mile race will be televised to 196 countries around the world and so far the annual event has raised over £500 million for charity so far. Wow! So, what is it that makes the London marathon so special? There are hundreds of marathons held across the world each year but London is the one that runners dream of completing.

I love running in London, the city is full of energy! Every year when I watch the marathon, it inspires me to get out and run. I’m very tempted to enter the ballot this year, although it’s probably worth noting that so far my longest ever run is 10 miles. I’m not sure that my body or my mind is built for marathon running. I naturally run quite fast and I stiffen up after the one hour mark. I guess I would have to stick to a training programme an get some advice from my mega runner mates.

This week I have teamed up with adidas to showcase my favourite London running route along the river Thames. Check out the adidas instagram & twitter page to see more of #WHYIRUNLDN