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As a family of three, this year was our third visit to the beautiful island of Sardinia. The Italian lifestyle is so good for your soul! We spent a week enjoying the sunshine, delicious food and beautiful beaches. We explored the old town on foot as well as hiring bikes for a day. We discovered the local delis, markets and of course the most amazing gelato shops!

There are so many reasons to add Sardinia to your travel hit list, here are some of our favourites . . .


Tre Archi Pizzeria

Italy is of course home to the most loved food in the world . . . Pizza! There are literally pizzerias on every street in Sardinia but head to Tre Archi for an authentic homemade slice of cheesy heaven. There’s football on the TV and red wine on every table. A huge pizza will cost you just €8!
Note – Like many restaurants in Sardinia, Tre Archi doesn’t open until 8pm in the evening. We usually eat dinner around 6pm at home, so it was quite late for Jude.



Poetto Beach

If you’re staying in Cagiliari, then it’s a 10 minute bus ride to Poetto beach. (Take bus PQ or PF) All of the travel information and signs are written in Italian but lots of the local people speak a little bit of English, and will kindly point you in the right direction. I wish I could say that I could speak fluent Italian, but sadly it’s not the case. I do try my best though. If in doubt just smile and say ‘Grazie’. 🙂


Emerson Beach Club

Situated on Poetto beach, Emerson is a great place to eat, drink, or just play UNO. (Jude thrashed us all at UNO, I’m not sure how but he genuinely managed to win 90% of the time!) Jude also loved the outside beach baby club at Emerson where he made friends with some locals. Children are so amazing, they find a way to play and communicate even when they are both speaking a different language.
The menu at Emerson has a variety of salads, pasta, fresh seafood and meat dishes. Lunch for four came to just €48. (We didn’t have any booze though)


The View

I packed my fit kit so that I could go out running in the morning and explore the old town. Cagliari is mega hilly so I had to stop a few times and walk to give my calves a break. In total, I added another 14kms to my #YouVsTheYear running challenge. It was so great to be out running in shorts and a crop top, I can’t wait for T-shirt weather here in the UK. One morning whilst out running, I headed up a long hill by the coast of Calamosca beach. The view at the top was incredible! I spotted a couple having breakfast on a picnic blanket at the top of the cliff. Italians are so romantic! The next day I took the boys to the same spot to enjoy the view. The road was about 2K long and I never would have discovered it if I hadn’t been out running. I’m going to start a diary of all the different places that I have been running. So far I’ve got London, Zurich, Newquay, Wales and Sardinia. I’m looking for some more places to add to the list … any recommendations would be greatly received.


For now though it’s back to biz, it was wonderful to spend time away with the boys but all good things must come to an end. After 7 days of a high carb diet I was definitely feeling refuelled to get back to work!



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