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3 Stripe Style

There’s a new section on That’s My Mum . . . Sports Style! As a lover of both fashion and fitness, I’ll be sharing my favourite activewear pieces, my gym bag essentials and all things sporty and stylish.

The sportswear trend can be seen both in and out of the gym. Fashion brands are incorporating sporty elements like trainers, backpacks and sweatshirts into their collections and street style looks have replaced high heels for high tops. Personally, I love bright colours and bold prints. Active apparel is fun as well as functional. How else could you justify wearing neon palm tree printed leggings? These days I own more pairs of trainers then I should probably admit too. The treadmill has become a catwalk!

First up is my 3 stripe style from Adidas. I’m a huge fan of Adidas, especially their ‘originals’ kit. It’s the perfect studio to street wear combo.

Photographs by Will Patrick


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