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The Body Bootcamp

This month I have been hosting ‘The Body Bootcamp’ to kick start the New Year and to beat those winter blues. Each morning myself and a bunch of mega Mummies have been jumping, squatting stretching and sweating!


The session always starts with high energy cardio exercises to really warm us up, followed by some interval training, core strengthening and lots of stretching. All of my sessions have a big focus on stretching as I think it is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Regular stretching will help to prevent injuries, improve your posture and it can even aid your digestion too. Not to mention how impressed your kids will be, when they see you do the splits!


Over the last three weeks I have loved seeing all of the ladies each day. They inspire me with their determination & commitment. It can be difficult to start getting fit, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time. The first session is always the hardest!

January is often the time that people start a new diet or join a gym etc. I read on Twitter today, that this weekend is apparently the time that we are most likely to ditch our resolutions and return to our old habits. It’s cold and grey outside so we’re reaching for the duvet instead of the gym kit. If this is true for you . . .  then that’s okay! Have a day or two off and then hit reset. Just don’t quit! Make your health a priority all year round, not just at the start of a New Year or in the summer when we’re all told to train for a ‘bikini body’. It doesn’t matter if it’s January or June, your health is important, all year round.

Next week is week 4 of ‘The Body Bootcamp’ and I have some winter wellness goodies to give away from the wonderful people at Lorna Jane UK, KIND snacks UK, Drink Cocopro & the Cure Apothecary.

Keep up the good work Mama’s !!

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