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Vitality 10K West Run London

Last weekend I completed the Vitality 10k race!

After a busy week of teaching classes, personal training and a cross fit challenge, my body was feeling really tired, not the most ideal preparation for a race. However, I arrived in Fulham feeling super excited as I made my way through the park, towards the start line.

I had planned to run the race with my friend Hayley. We may have under estimated how many people were taking part in this race, I tried to look for Hayley in a the sea of 5 thousand runners! Unfortunately we weren’t able to find each other, so with just a few mins to spare I shuffled into the crowd, near the front. I spotted a pacer with a huge yellow flag for runners that wanted to complete the race in 45.00 minutes, I made a last minute decision to try and stick with him.

Here’s a brief account of the monologue that was going on in my head as I hit the streets of West London.

1k – Okay, I’m feeling good, it’s quite windy but I’m glad that it’s not raining. This pace feels quite fast but I’ll try and stay with this guy for as long as possible.

2k – I wish I had my headphones! I didn’t bring them as I thought I would be running with Hayley. I really need some beats to spur me on.

3k – My legs are hurting already. This pace is to fast Adrienne, slow down a bit . . . but I want to get a decent time at the end . . . keep it up!

4k – My shoe laces feel way too tight and it’s really bugging me. . . forget about that, you can’t stop now to loosen them . . . just think about something else . . . FOCUS !! . . . my laces are too tight, especially the right foot.

5k – Woohooo half way! Let’s do this!

At the 5k point there were marshals handing out bottles of water. I grabbed one & had a quick glug. A guy running directly in front of me opened his water bottle and then threw it all over himself as if he was doing a slow motion advert! Dude, it’s November, it really isn’t that hot. Plus its splashing over your shoulder and on to me! I found a quick burst of energy to overtake this guy.

6k – I’ve just spotted my sporty sisters Emily & Hannah aka ‘Twice the Health’ They are of course wearing matching clothes & matching smiles! We have a quick chat as they bounce past me.

7k – Is it over yet? Do you even like running? I’m fact why did you sign up for this?  . . . You would never be able to run a marathon! . . . come on Adrienne, it’s only 10k . . . you shouldn’t have set off so fast you idiot!

8k – Okay, you’re almost there. Pick your knees & chin up!

9k – Now we’re talking! Forget about the time and the pace. Look at all of these amazing people, runners, friends, family members on the side of the road, clapping, cheering and supporting us. Think of all the money that has been raised today. Running is awesome!

10k – Yeehaaa! I crossed the finish line in 48.20!

It’s almost 10am on a Sunday morning, the sun has come out and I am wearing my medal with pride. It may only be a 10k run but I’m feeling super inspired. Thank you Vitality for organising such a great run  !!
Vitality 10k run blog

I am now looking for my next fitness challenge for 2016. However, after running this race with very little specific training, I definitely need to stick to a training programme next time. Just making it up as you go along is not the most effective race strategy. Lesson learned.

Vitality 10k London

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