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10 Days as a Vegan

Have you even been tempted to become a vegan? I have a few vegan friends & although these days it seems like all of the ‘cool kids’ are giving it a go, it’s not as easy as simply ordering a bean burger & switching to soya. Veganism isn’t just about what you eat, it causes you to be more mindful about where your food comes from and how it was produced.

A common misconception, is that vegan diets are boring and that all vegans are hipsters & yogis, that only eat nuts! The reality is that there are hundreds of foods available for vegans. Another response to veganism is that it is ‘unhealthy’. ‘Surely you need to eat meat for iron & protein etc.’ A trusted vegan friend of mine told me that she actually became a vegan after studying nutrition & microbiology for years, I think I’ll take my chances. For the next 10 days I will be saying goodbye to my beloved Nutella & attempting to eat a completely Vegan diet.

Day 1.
I’m full of enthusiasm, I am wondering around the supermarket with a trolly full veggies, soya, tofu & free from goodies. I have a long shopping list of products and brands that are suitable for vegans, the list includes Oreos, Kettle Chips and Donuts. All of the essential food groups, this is going to be great!

Day 2.
Tonight, I cooked a creamy tofu curry with stir fried vegetables and rice. It was absolutely delicious! Being the only vegan in the house, I am cooking separate meals for Rob & Jude. If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the kitchen.

Day 3.
Today’s breakfast . . . pancakes and banana milkshake! All dairy free of course. To be honest, I’ve felt really hungry today, maybe it’s because I have followed a bunch of vegan instagram accounts for food inspiration. Scrolling through mouth watering photos of smoothies & chocolate brownies will make your tummy rumble.

Day 4.
Feeling bloated. I’m not sure if it’s the vegetable and chickpea tagine that I had for lunch or all of the carbs I have eaten today. I have been snacking on bagels and banana bread all day, I’m going to bed with tummy ache.

Day 5.
I have read a lot this week, in magazines and online about ‘part time vegans’. Apparently I’m not the only one, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Jay Z have all trialled veganism. Although, they called it a ‘spiritual and physical cleanse’. Huh??! I have to respect that most vegans choose to abstain from animal products, essentially for ethical reasons. I am simply curios and doing this just to see what it is like. A few people have been asking me, ‘Why are you doing this vegan thing?’ Why not?

Day 6.
Veggie hot dogs on the barbecue at our local fireworks event tonight. I am suddenly very aware of food and how much it brings people together. Most social occasions & celebrations are associated with food & drink. Barbecues, picnics, birthdays, Christmas etc. I really love to eat and cook, I can’t help but feel like vegans are missing out on so many wonderful foods. I can’t imagine never eating a roasted chicken again. I am half Jamaican you know!

Day 7.
I’m coming up to the end of my first week ever as a vegan. I’m enjoying creating new veggie dishes but I am missing a few of my favourites. Huge respect to all the vegans out there, your awesomeness is keeping me going.

Day 8.
Have you ever been to the free-from aisle? It’s incredible! and it has everything a veggie girl could ask for, from rocky roads to garlic mayonnaise. Bring on week two!

Day 9.
I have been really surprised by the lack of vegan options in some restaurants and cafes. I am kind of tempted to name and shame them all. I thought that every food place would have at least one thing on their menu that would be suitable. Today, whist out with friends I had nothing but a black coffee, this place didn’t even have soya milk! They had better hope Beyonce doesn’t pop in for lunch!

Day 10.
The highlight of today . . . Marks and Spencers Veggie Percy Pigs! They are gelatine free and taste exactly the same as their regular sweets. Ace!

So, after just ten days as a vegan, what’s the conclusion?

I really enjoyed the challenge but I’m looking forward to a good old Sunday roast at the weekend. One of my friends asked me if I had lost any weight as a result of the changes. I didn’t weigh myself at the start of this challenge and so, I honestly have no idea. What I have noticed though, is that I have eaten a lot more fruit, veggies & grains than I usually do, so that has to be a good thing. I had to prepare food & snacks to take out with me as finding vegan food whilst on the go was much more challenging. NAKD bars were my saviour!

After a short trial, I can tell you that veganism isn’t for me. I feel kind of relieved to be returning to my kitchen without restrictions. I’m not sure what to eat first!

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