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Gearing Up for Winter

It may be grey out there but that’s no reason to skip your workout. If you need a little boost to get you out the door, here are my top tips for winter training.

  1. Get The Gear!
    Making sure you have the right kit for winter training is essential! You don’t have to spend a lot on a whole new wardrobe, a few accessories might be all you need. Go for bright colours if you’re a road runner. I don’t think anyone will miss me in this gorgeous yellow run top from Sweaty Betty.
  2. Challenge yourself.
    Set yourself a challenge each month or sign up to a race. I am running the Vitality 10k WestRun in a few weeks. Having a race on your calendar definitely motivates you to lace up. Invite your friends to sign up too or at least get them to come along on the day to cheer you on!
  3. Be Prepared.
    Let’s be honest, the great british weather can be a little unpredictable. If you wake up to rain and you don’t fancy running, make sure that you have a back up plan. You could head to the gym, try a new fitness class or just roll out your yoga mat and follow a YouTube video at home.
  4. Join a club.
    As a member of the London Midnight Runners, I get to train with an awesome group of runners every week. It’s so much more fun than running solo. Since the clocks have gone back, it’s dark after 5pm. Running in a group is much safer, especially for women. Find a local running club or come and join LMR!
  5. Get Inspired.
    There are so many reasons to get out there, but sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration. Find something or someone that inspires you to get out & be active. Personally, music has always inspired me to move, so I have created playlists on spotify with all of my favourite power tracks.

I hope that you’re now feeling ready to ditch the duvet & hit the road! Just don’t forget those gloves 🙂

Winter Training

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