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London Fashion Week – Charli Cohen

September is often my favourite month, essentially because it’s my birthday, but this September has been particularly fabulous! I was invited to walk in a catwalk show at London Fashion Week, by an incredible London designer, Charli Cohen. Charli is known for her performance-lux activewear, and her work has been featured in Grazia, Elle, The Sunday Times Style, Bazaar, The New York Times & VOGUE.

Usually when I think of London Fashion Week catwalk shows, I imagine lots of tall women, walking in dramatic outfits and wearing 5 inch heels. I went to watch a LFW show a few years ago that featured my friends shoe collection. It was exactly as I had thought. I loved the buzz of the press, bloggers and fashionistas, but never considered that I would actually be up there, on the catwalk, myself. Especially as I am only 5 ft 7 (5 ft 8 if you include my fro!) The fashion world often has a reputation of only representing one look, one idea of beauty. However the CC catwalk was a showcase of diversity, strong women and healthy bodies.

Charli Cohen’s latest collection, is a beautiful activewear range inspired by super-heroines. A combination of both fitness & fashion is a total dream come true for me, so I was super excited to be a part of the show. The model line up was a selection, of personal trainers, fitness models, & bloggers, AKA some seriously toned bodies! I absolutely loved my outfit, complete with braided hair and a superhero mask! Head over to my Instagram page @adriennetmm to see more photos, backstage antics, and a video of me getting my hair done by the Fix Agents.

After at least ten years of watching America Next Top Model, I felt well prepared to walk in the show. Thank you Tyra 😉 During the show rehearsal, we were given direction from choreographer & model Ida May. She gave us tips on walking, posing, timing etc. You may notice me walking a little differently on my way to Jude’s school tomorrow! It was wonderful to meet all of the other girls and of course to work with Charli herself. Thank you for having me Charli!


[Photo Credit Alan West]


  1. cakevsscales says

    Oooooh my – You look incredible! I love the fact that CC uses ‘real’ models and the new collection looks fab x

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