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Training with Alexandra – Week 2

A few words from Alex about week 2 of training with me. . .

Session 2

We start by running for a few minutes to warm up and then head back to my gorgeous, sunny garden for more pain enduring (I mean toning) exercises A blend of cardio exercises, cardio with weights, weights alone and some serious strength, thigh wobbling yoga style poses. I could feel every part of my body working and today, I am feeling it all over (ouch!)
As they say, no pain, no gain!
Session 3

My third session was yesterday morning and already I’m well into the swing, albeit still a little (very) stiff but I can certainly tolerate more. Best of all, I’m seeing more tone in my tummy already!!

Eating well is a lot easier than I had first thought & putting junk food in my mouth doesn’t make much sense although I did devour a few after eights last night- oops!

This morning my bodies feeling tight and my arse cheeks and waistline are satisfyingly aching. I will be walking the kids to school and running home before going to work. Where there’s a will there’s a way as they say… Beach body, I’m coming to get ya!

Here are some of the things I’ve been eating to compliment my workouts:
Brekkie: porridge with banana/ smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
Lunch: smoked mackerel with salad/ chicken salad
Dinner: standard evening meal. sausage & mash but loads of veg

Alex’s blogs are making me so happy! I love reading them! Being active and living a healthy life makes you feel good. Working out shouldn’t be boring or feel like a punishment.

Keep it up Alex. You’re kicking ass, see you Friday!

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