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Ladies That Lift!

Ladies, if you’ve never used weights in your workout before, then here’s 3 reasons why you should!

1. Lifting weights doesn’t mean that you will suddenly develop bulging biceps, but it will help you to tone up, burn more calories and feel great! Many women focus on cardio to burn calories, but adding weights to your workout is the real secret to blasting body fat. Even after a weights workout, you will continue to burn calories as your muscle fibres repair.

2. Strength training is good for your mind as well as your body. It can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It feels good to work up a sweat. All those endorphins will help you to keep your cool post workout!

3. It could even make you smarter! Research shows that resistance training boosts brain function. It will improve your co-ordination, memory, and increase your attention span. [Smarty pants!]

I recommend adding dumbells or a kettlebell to your workout twice a week. There are so many simple moves that you can do to tone and sculpt your body.

Come on ladies, let’s lift!

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