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Today’s Essentials

Today is Day 4 of the #TakeTheLeap yoga challenge. I’ve had a really busy week and although my body is feeling tired today, I am actually looking forward to my 30 minutes of yoga. I returned home at 9.30 this morning after taking my son to pre-school, I stepped through the front door and considered what I should do first. Of course the obvious answer would be to clean my kitchen or tackle that pile of laundry, but I’ve decided to abandon my Mummy duties for 30 mins.
I’m plugged into Spotify’s Vinyasa Flow playlist & the first thing on my to-do list today is to ‘Salut the Sun’.
This yoga thing is really addictive. I’m not sure that I’m even doing all of the poses right, but hey, at least I’m committed. #Day 4 – A for effort!

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  1. Nice! I have to still do it tonight. It’s hard to get good pictures, too, because I have the worst lighting ever and it’s always dark out when I have time during the week to practice (either before work which is so early it’s dark, or after which is still late enough that it’s also dark). Then of course I don’t have someone to take the pictures for me. And when I do attempt to take one, I spend 15 minutes or more fumbling around with my camera to try to get myself in the actual shot, and not a picture of the corner of the room because I had the camera facing a totally different direction, ha! I might try out your idea here for a couple of posts for this challenge! Taking picture of yoga related items. It seems a little less complicated than doing the pose shots.


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