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Day 1 #TakeTheLeap

So today is Day 1 of the prAna yoga challenge. I’m feeling super motivated, I hope that I can keep it up for a whole 30 days. Today I worked on my headstand. Apparently we should all be doing headstands everyday. It’s a great way to improve your upper body strength and work your deep core ab muscles too.

Day 1 Yoga Challenge

During this yoga challenge I have 3 goals.

  1. To improve my core strength and posture.
  2. To increase flexibly in my back. I have quite flexi legs, but my back is as stiff as wood!
  3. To be brave. It’s easy to stick to the poses that feel good. I am going to push myself this month to try the poses that I find most tricky. I’d love to be able to master the ‘Dancers Pose’.


  1. Great post for the 1st day! And good luck on your goals! My goal was super general before this (just don’t quit), but now I think I might come up with specific goals too!


  2. ‘Just don’t quit’ is an excellent goal! It’s gonna be awesome to see how much we can improve in 30 days! Keep it up 🙂


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